Memory of a Space Exhibit


Memory of a Space

As I write this message, we are in the midst of a global pandemic. The world, and everything as we’ve ever known is, and probably never will be, the same again. We have completely shifted our entire lives and way of being. It is a time of many unknowns, and also hopefully soon, new beginnings. As a photographer, my passion lies in capturing the world around me, and my hope is that this body of work is a documentation and reflection of the beauty that remains in this ever-changing world and landscape around us.

I have always been drawn to the beauty of the unknown, abandoned spaces, documenting the glimmer of light, life, and a new beginning that exists in these environments. In a parallel way, this work has never been more pertinent to the kind of world we are experiencing today. One of much isolation and emptiness, and sadly I’m sure, many more abandoned spaces to come. What I do know and believe to remain true is that we will rebuild from this, grow, and begin again, as that is part of the cycle of life.

‘Memory of a Space’ captures the balance between absence and presence, in environments that once held significant meaning, and where an energetic resonance can still be felt. This series encapsulates the effect of the passage of time, questioning the nature of the energy that remains. By calling attention to a light that never left, these images reflect the beauty among the decay.

These times are calling us to live for only what we will ever know, and that is the present. My intention for this series is a reminder that love exists, light exists, and while not always where we expect, it is always there. In this rebirth and time, I will seek to find the light and trust in the unknown, and I hope this body of work can be an inspiration for others to do the same.